Our vision

to become the leading company in the home improvement retail trade in Belgium and surrounding countries worldwide.


Providing our customers with easy access to their needs through an abundance of variety, price advantage, affordable payment terms and good service, and as a result, helping them improve their home and lifestyle; to develop the retail market for home improvement.

    Our main goal 

Providing ideas and solutions for people to improve their living standards by improving their home.

    Our core values


1. Working on the good and the good for the customer 

2. Simplicity 

3. Sincerity 

4. Consistency 

    Creating value 

1. Efficiency 

2. Honesty - Reliability 

3. Respect for people and the environment 

   Achieve together 

1. Team spirit 

2. Sincerity and openness 

3. Creativity 

4. Continuous improvement